Seals Swim Club is a year round not for profit competitive swim club focused on promoting student success and advancing the sport of swimming in Uganda. We do so through first class swim training and life skills development for athletes. Athletes are provided with a technique-based program designed to promote efficiency of all four strokes and speed. We encourage and enable all athletes to progressively set and achieve ambitious goals! Our coaching team ensures a safe, healthy and upbeat environment for growth in swimming while teaching the athletes lifelong skills and achievements in areas of leadership, teamwork, hard work, discipline, integrity, fair play and goal setting.

The club’s philosophy is to train our young swimmers to focus on technique, skill and endurance – to love the “doing” of swimming. It is believed that by doing so, the swimmer will be on a path to success both in and out of the pool.

Seals Swim Club was formed in June 2013 by a group of swim parents who recognized the need to increase the competitiveness level of our swimmers through improved technical skills and increased competition to harness the skills learned.

Outside swimming as a sport, the club looks at child/youth development as the club aims at working with well-disciplined swimmers so the coaches instill values of discipline that the swimmer is going to use in their day to day life as they carry out their coaching.