The club has about 150 swimmers from the age of 2 – 25 and sometimes hosts visiting / summer vacation swimmers. They are divided across 6 groups according to their swimming abilities, these are Learn To Swim; Seals Squad; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite.

The club carries out training daily at Kampala Parents School in Naguru. Training sessions are held each week day starting at 4:30PM for the Learn to Swim and squad groups and later followed by the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite squads starting at 5:00PM. On Saturday, training sessions are held in the morning starting at 6:30AM with the Elite, Gold, Silver and Bronze squads followed by the Learn to Swim start at 8:00AM.

Seals offers swim coaching services to a number of schools around Kampala and is actively growing its out reach program. Providing swim training to schools allows the schools to focus on curricular activities while providing swimming lessons that match international standards to their students. The out reach program promotes the sport and is aimed at attracting more children to love and take up the sport.

During the school holidays, the club carries out a holiday makers program, which caters for children in boarding schools or with tight school schedules during the school term. The rolling program provides technique training for all 4 strokes and also introduces swimming to children who are new to the sport.

In collaboration with Coach Hilton Slack, Aquatics Director of Swimlab Aquatic Academy, a South African Elite Youth Age group Coach, the club carries out swim camps, which aim at providing an intense program to enhance and develop skills that enhance performance in the pool.

Join Seals
The club welcomes all swimmers who agree with its long term development philosophy and are interested in swimming competitively while keeping healthy through regular swimming exercise. Before one can join the club, an assessment is carried out to determine proficiency. The skill level determines which squad the swimmer is placed in for training and the program they shall follow when they join. Each prospective swimmer is required to fill out a registration form, sign acceptance of club policies and pay club dues, which include a monthly training fee and an annual subscription. The club provides a discount for families with more than 2 children training with the club.

Get in touch with our administrator on + 256 704 321 321 to schedule an assessment.